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Ceramic coatings: 3 reasons why they are expensive, but worth every dollar

Looking for a ceramic coating in Hanover?

When you are looking for a ceramic coating in Hanover, PA you come across many places that offer coatings at various price points. From dealership coatings to other detailing shops offering ceramic coatings in Hanover. You can read my other article “Does my car need a ceramic coating?” to help you determine if a coating is right for you.

There are a couple factors in the cost of a service; the hours put into the job, the service provider and their expertise and the value the service delivers. The hours put into the job can vary from a full day to 2 to 3 full days, with most of that time being the prep. The prep meaning the washing of the vehicle and making sure it is as clean as possible and also free of any contaminants in the paint.

Then the polishing, paint correction, or buffing step as some people call it. This process can take a couple hours to a couple of days worth of work depending on what level of paint correction you have done. All of my coating packages include a paint enhancement polish, which takes a couple hours to complete and gives your vehicle added shine and gloss.

Did you know that the actual application of the ceramic coating is what takes the least amount of time? This doesn’t mean it is the easiest as professional grade coatings are for professionals for a reason; they can be more difficult to apply, but they also provide an amazing end result and benefits.

Now the second factor, the service provider and their expertise. Someone that has experience with coatings and provides a great quality service from when you first inquire all the way through the completion and pick up of your vehicle, you would expect to pay a little bit more for wouldn’t you?

There are some who can charge less, but I will only focus on why I charge more. I charge more because when you have a ceramic coating done by me I provide you with the knowledge and support after the service is complete to maintain that coating.

You receive an E-book I personally created for you to help maintain your investment. You also receive a complimentary 2 week follow up wash where I will show you how to wash your vehicle and I also check on the coating and if anything needs fixed I fix it right then and there. I pride myself on the value I provide to my clients and the experience they receive when they do business with me.

I treat every single client’s vehicle like it is my own. I will personally text you throughout the process to keep you updated as I know it can be nerve-wracking leaving a vehicle for a day or 2 and not knowing what is going on with it.

The third and final factor, the value the service delivers. A ceramic coating will literally give you your time back. “How?” you ask.

Well, if you are like most of my clients they normally before had been washing and waxing their vehicles on a regular basis (at least once a month). And this washing and waxing can take a couple of hours.

We are all very busy in today’s world, and my clients often find themselves stretched thin between their work, family and their pride and joy of their vehicle. They want to do well at work, have time with their family and also maintain the look of their vehicle, bit often times their vehicle’s maintenance is sacrificed so they can work or spend time with their family (which I know is very important being a husband myself).

With my ceramic coating services they are now able to have the best of all 3. They can spend time working and making money, spend the time with their family and keep their pride and joy looking good because it is much easier to clean. It stays cleaner longer and after a simple hand wash (which will take less than an hour now) looks like you just spent hours washing and waxing it.

This is why I charge a premium for my services. I love what I do. I love helping provide a solution to my clients and they love the results I provide. If this sounds like the solution to your car care problem please contact me and I will help you determine the best package that best suits you and your vehicle so you can enjoy a clean ride without having to sacrifice in other areas of your life.

I work exclusively with Gyeon ceramic coatings as I have found they work extremely well in the North East states due to the weather we have with the rain, snow and overall conditions our vehicles go through. You can learn more about Gyeon by going here.