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Do you want to restore your car’s finish? Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections in a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to a better than new surface. This includes but is not limited to, swirl marks, automated car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, and holograming caused by poor washing techniques.

We are experts at paint correction Hanover PA, and our auto detailing team will work diligently on your car so that it looks as good as new! You can trust our technicians for all your paint correction and ceramic coating needs. You can also visit our About page for more details about our ceramic coatings and auto detailing services.


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LEVEL 1 Paint correction

$549 Starting

Coupe / Sedanstarting at $499

Mid Size SUV / 2 Door Truck starting at $649

Large SUV / 4 Door Truck : starting at $749

LEVEL 2 Paint correction

$899 Starting

Coupe / Sedanstarting at $899

Mid Size SUV / 2 Door Truck starting at $1049

Large SUV / 4 Door Truck : starting at $1199


$1,699 Starting

Coupe / Sedanstarting at $1699

Mid Size SUV / 2 Door Truck starting at $1999

Large SUV / 4 Door Truck : starting at $2299

Paint correction Experts

Scratches and blemishes on your vehicle’s paint can be a major pain. But our professional detailing specialists at Deporter Detailing is able to take care of the problem with their specialized process called “paint correction.” Have moderate or light scratches in need of removal? There is no better way than this to have a looking new vehicle!

The only true way to remove those pesky swirl marks, scratches, or other blemishes from your car’s paint job might seem like an impossible task – but not for our detail shop here at Deporter Detailing where we specialize in paint correction Hanover PA.

Our specially trained auto detailing technicians will use machine polishers and various grades pads along with special polish designed specifically for removing surface defects caused by damage such as improper washing methods, finger nails, or other objects.

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Based on 70 reviews
Han Jae
Han Jae
The guys at Deporter Detailing were awesome! I had a horrible mold problem in my car and needed a fix fast- they were on it. It’s 100% better, I can actually drive my car now! The detailing was excellent as well, it’s cleaner than it has ever been. A huge thank you to these guys!
Jody Kappen
Jody Kappen
After doing some research and calling around I decided to take my 2020 Challenger to Wes and have him do the paint correction and ceramic coating. This was not a easy decision for me as I am a couple hours away from him so it meant driving up on a Saturday and dropping my car off for a week until the following weekend Was it a good decision…? That is an understatement!! When I picked it up it looked amazing, but he said I could not wash it for a couple weeks. When I returned to have the first wash done by him, I can’t describe fully how amazing it turned out. It literally looked like the paint was poured on and still wet. I absolutely recommend taking your vehicle to have it detailed by Wes. He was very responsive to my messages when I was in the research phase, and while I was in his shop he took great time to ensure he answered all my questions. Schedule now before he to booked solid and your left with a dull car..!
Robert Y
Robert Y
Very professional and detail oriented.. My new vehicle looks even better than the day I brought it home. They've earned my future business... Thanks again!
Miles Crebs
Miles Crebs
Very helpful staff! Quality work
Teresa Ayres
Teresa Ayres
The quality of work was outstanding. Great customer service. Very thorough. Have recommended DePorter to our friends. Will be taking our other vehicles there to have ceramic coating put on.
Brian Boyer
Brian Boyer
Wes did an excellent job on my 2016 Red Mustang GT! Very happy with my 5 year ceramic coating. Looks awesome! I will continue to support his business. Weekend hours is a plus, too.
Todd Kline
Todd Kline
My F-250 looks awesome!! Need your vehicle to shine and get that paint protection it needs this is the place!!

Need Help?


Your paint correction questions answered.

The process of paint correction typically entails removing any imperfections, like swirls and scratches in the finish. The goal is to make it better than new again – without having anything visible left behind that would be considered an “imperfection” by most standards.

Have you ever looked at your car in the sun and thought that it looked like it was covered with a spider web? These are actually circular shaped scratches caused by improper washing techniques. Many people still wash & detail cars using old, outdated methods such as “wax on, wax off” which is where these marks come from. Take a look at your car and see if it’s missing that factory-new shine. If this is the case, paint correction may be in order!

The time that a paint correction job will last depends on the type of wear and tear. If your car is mostly for show, then it’s likely to have lasted years by now but if you use it every day in mild or semi-mild conditions, there are chances that the paint refinement service could only last six months at best. There’s no exact timeline we can give though as everything varies from person to person depending on how much they drive their cars everyday and what kind of traffic condition they usually go through when driving them around town.

Whether you love your car or not, paint correction is worth it. Not only will a new coat of paint give her that showroom shine she deserves but the extra attention from admiring onlookers may just change your mind about what makes cars so great in the first place.

The average paint correction cost starts at $500, and it can cost upwards of $2,500, depending on the vehicle’s condition.

If you’re looking for an easy answer, then it depends entirely on how rough your ride is. Minor corrections can take 2 days while serious repairs due to badly weathered and worn paint will require 6-7 days – that’s 50 hours of polishing, refinement and finishing up!