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Ceramic Coatings: The Top 5 Myths

Looking for a ceramic coating in Hanover?

When you are looking for a ceramic coating in Hanover, PA you come across many places that offer coatings at various price points. From dealership coatings to other detailing shops offering ceramic coatings in Hanover. You can read my other article “Does my car need a ceramic coating?” to help you determine if a coating is right for you. We, at DePorter Detailing, specialize in and exclusively offer ceramic coatings.

There are many myths about ceramic coatings that can be found online. Many people, and I cannot blame them, think that these myths are true. After all, no one would lie about what a ceramic coating can and cannot do, right? Unfortunately, they do. So let’s go over the top 5 myths about ceramic coatings now.

#1 Ceramic Coatings Protect From Rock Chips

This is the biggest myth out there about a ceramic coating. It actually is why many people want a ceramic coating when they come to me.

While ceramic coatings can have 9H hardness, this is measured on the pencil scale. The only “benefit” of this 9H hardness is for marketing purposes for companies. If you are looking to protect a vehicle from rock chips and scratches this would be another product called Paint Protection Film, or PPF. I do not personally offer this service but I can refer you to someone that I know and trust that does.

#2 You Do Not Have To Wash Your Car After Getting a Ceramic Coating

Some people believe that after you get a ceramic coating you do not ever have to wash it again. Or they think that the car will wash itself because of the hydrophobic properties (creating a super slick surface). This unfortunately is not true.

The good news is that with a ceramic coating your vehicle is a lot easier to clean. It will take less time, energy and effort to wash your vehicle. Plus, you get a freshly washed and waxed look every time from a simple hand wash that will take you less than an hour.

#3 Ceramic Coatings Prevent Water Spots

A ceramic coating will NOT prevent water spots from forming on your vehicle. Even with the water repelling properties a coating has. If water is left on the vehicle’s surface and begins to dry it can cause water spots.

Now a tip to help avoid water spotting: Avoid washing in direct sunlight and be sure to thoroughly dry your vehicle after washing.

#4 Ceramic Coatings Are Difficult to Maintain

Many people think that after you get a ceramic coating it is difficult to maintain or requires special care. Maintaining a ceramic coating is actually quite easy and a lot easier than washing and waxing your vehicle every month.

With the proper products, tools and knowledge you can maintain your ceramic coating like a pro. I actually provide my clients with an E-Book after they get a ceramic coating that shows them the products they need. The E-Book also has links directly to those products for them to purchase.

#5 Ceramic Coatings Hide Scratches and Other Blemishes

Deep scratches and other blemishes such as road rash, etc. cannot be hidden with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is a transparent layer of protection for your vehicle. Ceramic coatings also can enhance the depth of whatever surface is has been applied to. So if your vehicle has scratches and other blemishes a ceramic coating can enhance their look.

What we will do before we ceramic coat your vehicle is do a paint correction to remove those blemishes and minor scratches.

Now that you understand the 5 myths about ceramic coatings, I hope you can better understand what coatings do and not do. I hope this article will also help you if you are looking for a ceramic coating in Hanover to help you decide if a coating is right for you, or not.

I work exclusively with Gyeon ceramic coatings as I have found they work extremely well in the North East states due to the weather we have with the rain, snow and overall conditions our vehicles go through. You can learn more about Gyeon by going here.