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Here at DePorter Detailing, we provide a convenient and easy solution for your car. Our objective is to provide our customers with the best car detailing Hanover PA service, and you will be surprised at how amazing the car detailing before and after is. We rely exclusively on high-quality products so your car comes out looking new after we are done. From interior and exterior detailing to mold remediation and pet hair removal, we offer the best car detailing in the area. Click on the button below to get a quote today!


LEVEL 1 Exterior

$249 Starting

Small / Compactstarting at $249

Mid Sizestarting at $299

Full Size: starting at $349

Large: starting at $399

LEVEL 1 Detail

$299 Starting

Small / Compact: starting at $299

Mid Size: starting at $349

Full Sizestarting at $399

Largestarting at $449

LEVEL 2 Exterior

$399 Starting

Small / Compactstarting at $1,499

Mid Sizestarting at $1,799

Full Size: starting at $2,099

Large: starting at $2,399

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Getting into your car and seeing it looking brand new does wonders for how you feel, so why not stop by DePorter Detailing. Our expert staff can make sure that from top to bottom you are able to drive in comfort on the open road once more. Just think about driving around with fresh smelling air without any stains or spots of dirt grime anywhere! Our car detailing Hanover PA services will get you exactly what you need to get your car looking new again. You can trust us to give your expert service at a competitive price! Visit our About page for more details.

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