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8 Car Detailing Myths That You Should Stop Believing Now

As car enthusiasts, we believe that car detailing is an easy process. After all, it’s just washing and vacuuming. Wrong! Car detailing can be a daunting process if you don’t know what you’re doing or believe in some myths.

Auto detailing services can make your car look like it’s brand new. The detailing process requires a lot of effort and time, but you can’t deny the fact that seeing your car shine is worth all the hard work. To offer premium service every time, seasoned professionals follow a step-by-step procedure to prevent oversights.

Here are 8 car detailing myths that really shouldn’t be believed any longer.

My wash mitt is clean

Myth: The most common myth amongst all car detailers is the idea that your wash mitt is clean when it looks dirty! The truth of the matter is that you can still see dirt when your wash mitt looks clean. All it takes is for one drop of dirt to get caught up in your mitt, and your clear coat will be scratched the next time you use it.

I can use dish soap

Myth: This one seems silly, but many people have tried using dish soap as a car wash. The truth of the matter is that dish soap is too harsh for your vehicle’s clear coat and won’t clean your vehicle. If it does work, it’ll strip all of the wax off of your car, leaving you with an unprotected finish that will rust over time.

Your car’s paint will fade and lose its shine from exposure to acid rain, bird droppings, or other pollutants. Dish soap is too harsh to use on your delicate paint job.

I don’t need to dry my car

Myth: It seems like most people will jump straight into washing their vehicle without drying it first. The truth is that water spots will form if you don’t dry your car before washing it. These water spots are hard to remove and can strip the wax off of the paint when they’re removed by polishing. Car detailing Hanover PA takes time to do correctly, so just wash and dry your vehicle before starting.

I’m using the right shampoo for my car

Myth: Several different shampoos claim to clean your vehicle. The truth is that they don’t clean your vehicle, and all they do is strip off any wax your car might have. Your best bet is to find a good quality shampoo that uses all-natural ingredients that are gentle on your paint. Auto detailing is available that provides services such as car paint restoration so that you can make the most out of your vehicle.

I can use my home vacuum for this task

Myth: Home vacuums are great tools, but they’re not meant for detailing. Home vacuums are more likely to blow particles around rather than suck them up. The high velocity of the air blowing out of the vacuum can cause scratches if they hit your car. Car detailing Hanover PA does recommend using a wet/dry vacuum with a top-of-the-line HEPA filter.

When choosing a wet/dry vacuum, you want to make sure that it’s made of stainless steel and has a powerful motor. Also, the price doesn’t indicate how well the vacuum will work. So it may be worth investing in a higher quality vacuum than just purchasing the cheapest one available.

I don’t need to clay my car

Myth: Car detailers will always use a product that has been specially formulated for claying cars. While you might be able to pick up a generic clay bar kit at your local auto parts store, you’re better off using a kit designed specifically for cars. These kits consider the paint protection that’s already on your vehicle and won’t remove it while claying. Auto detailing Hanover PA recommends using a clay bar at least once or twice per year for professional results.

I need to wax my car immediately after I’ve detailed it

Myth: Many people think that they should wax their car immediately after washing and drying it. The truth is that your vehicle needs to cure before you apply any wax or sealants. You’ll usually need to wait at least 24 hours before applying a coat of wax. Driving in the rain will also cause problems when using a coat of wax. Make sure that you wait until your car has thoroughly dried up before applying wax to it.

I need to wash my car every time I detail it

Myth: If you’re washing your car every day, the dirt will be ground into the paint and won’t come off during a wash session. You’ll strip away a layer of wax every time you wash your car, which is terrible for it.